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The #1 Support Tool for Digital Marketing Managers

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You don’t need to be an EXPERT in Social Media & Advertising. You just need support from one.

Our Support Packages are perfect for every business in the Automotive Industry, and give you access to our full range of content and expertise, designed specifically to help your business succeed. Here’s what you get with your DriveSocial Membership:


Access to our knowledge base of automotive specific self-help content


Inside knowledge of all the latest Marketing tips, tricks and tools.


Social Media content ideas, plus hidden Social Media advertising tricks that most Marketing Agencies won’t tell you.


No lock-in contracts. We want you to love our content as much as we do, so won’t force you to stay if it turns out we are not for you.

Start today, and get a better return on investment for your digital marketing, social engagement and support services tailored to your dealership’s needs.

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Our Services

DriveSocial specialises in search and social marketing for automotive brands.

Here’s how we have helped some of our clients

We have used Dave (DriveSocial) for many years now for all our digital marketing needs.

As an award winning dealership heavily involved in the community, it was important for us to have social engagement and communication.

Maitland & Port Stephens

As a new brand to the country as well as to our business, we needed to ensure we shared as much as we could with potential customers about the vehicles.

Social media has been a great channel to engage with our audience.

Hunter Haval, Maitland & Cardiff

Why do you need Social Media for your Automotive Brand?


According to Gartner research, 74 percent of people rely on social networks like Facebook to guide purchasing decisions.


A vehicle is usually the 2nd biggest purchase a household makes after real estate.


Social signals help your presence on Google search as well as providing another channel of communication with an audience your other marketing may not be reaching.


Target down to a household level with clear audience demographics data. Our sources include the national sensis, ATO public records, Facebook and more. Match your PMA with our online data and create a better advertising audience.


Measurable results in terms of real-time data, statistics and engagement (something tv, radio and newspaper cannot offer).


Your competitors are, so why aren’t you?

But what about ‘Traditional Media’ Advertising?

Just like carburettors and cassette players, traditional media including press, television and radio is becoming a thing of the past… It is expensive and is bringing in less and less customers every year.


RADIO is getting cut down by the proliferation of internet stations, portable music players & phones. As bluetooth device usage grows, music streaming & podcasts take over good ol’ fashion radio.


NEWS is being found and read online, and often is in video format rather than print, and it is not always on a news website.


TELEVISION is under similar attack from video streaming services and cable television channels. In a recent Facebook report showed more people are turning to their smartphones during ad breaks on even the most popular television shows.

The head of BBC WorldWide America stated that in his recent studies, 50 percent of his network watchers are using their DVRs, with an amazing 97 percent of users skipping the advertising in between shows.

By all means, tie in your Traditional Media Advertising with your Social Media & Online Marketing. Ask us how!

Car dealer using social media in australia including Facebook and Instagram Video content

What your Customers are doing away from the Dealership

According to a 2014 CMO Council Report on Social Analytics within the Auto Industry;

  • 23% (or essentially 1 out of 4) car buyers use social media to discuss a recent purchase experience.
  • 38% of consumers report they will consult social media next time they purchase a car.
  • And an incredible 84% of all automotive shoppers are on Facebook, with 24% using the networking site as a resource for purchasing their last vehicle.


  • 80 percent of users you want to market to are using smart phones and mobiles to access your content.
  • Almost all of them are accessing their emails on the same device.

With the explosion of smart phones and devices, a massive number of users are now on social media for most part of the day. Facebook alone boasts 1.94 billion monthly active users (Facebook MAUs). That represents an 18% increase over the previous year.

How can we help you?

Our automotive digital marketing team is ready to help assist your dealership’s marketing team and social media managers with real-time phone and email support, as well as strategies to help build community awareness and engagement.

Learn how your brand can benefit from an effective use of audience targeting on social networks, second chance audience captures, and brand loyalty.

Who is DriveSocial Australia?

DriveSocial is a creative team with over 15 years in the automotive industry with a strong focus on technology implementation. Our strategies are developed through close partnership with automotive dealers and brands that are trying different ways to engage with their past and potential clients.

Headed by tech savvy business partners David Walter and Brydie Kiem, DriveSocial Australia helps Australian Automotive Dealerships dominate their PMA and local marketing through better utilisation of online tools and social media.

Based in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, our online presence means dealers have access to support and content ideas 24/7. Our monthly support packages and data driven strategy sessions empower dealers, public relations staff and social media managers to create better results for their brands. No one ever complained about increasing ROI or hitting above their targets.

DriveSocial Australia provides a cost effective solution to help your dealership perform better. Meet the team today, call us on 1300 12 12 77.


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