10 Must-Do’s for your Dealership in 2018!

10 Must-Do’s for your Dealership in 2018!

Here are our TOP 10 suggestions for Car Dealers to Create a Better Online Experience


1. Be mobile friendly.

Use responsive web design, social media and smartphone apps to make your brand readily available to users. Integrate your website with social media feeds and vehicle sales listings to create better traffic flow.

2. Collect data including email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

Not only can these be used for marketing campaigns, they can also be utilised to build custom audiences through Facebook and advertising agents like AdRoll. Also make sure you utilise the new Facebook pixel!

3. Blend online and offline through promotions, events and storytelling.

Your online visitors want to feel like they know your dealership before stepping through those sliding glass doors. Treat your online presence as an online showroom experience. Maybe try 360 virtual tour videos too!

4. Make use of online listings such as CarSales and CarsGuide.

People are searching online for their next car, and these listings are dominating search results so make sure your stock is listed.

5. Ensure your website is informative and includes strong call to actions to collect leads.

Dealerships shouldn’t use a generic website that looks like the manufacturer’s pages. Not only does duplicate content harm online search results, they get lost as consumers head to the non-localised site. Ie. toyota.com.au instead of maitlandtoyota.com.au

6. Always have Facebook ads running.

Multiple campaigns that focus on locals, brand awareness, target models, and events will ensure new audience growth. Don’t forget to run campaigns using the audience data you collect from your website.

7. Communication is a two-way street.

Use Facebook Messenger marketing strategies to keep in touch and build lists, as well as replying to reviews and comments on your social pages. Being prompt in your replies even after hours makes a big difference to users.

8. Get used to video creation.

As the world thrives for more information but gets shorter attention spans, video is the ideal way to catch attention and supply the vital information. Get creative with your ideas for video and don’t just keep up with the Jones’.

9. Dealerships need to be local legends.

Get involved in your local community and get links and tags back to your brand from the events and groups you support. News coverage about your community spirit is highly beneficial, especially if there is an emotional attachment.

10. Make use of Google business tools and ensure visitors in your PMA can find you as well.

Search engine optimisation needs to be in your vocabulary list, and online directory citations should be addressed regularly.



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