We are dedicated to assisting Car Dealers & Automotive Brands maximise their exposure online.

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Who is DriveSocial Australia?

The team at DriveSocial are dedicated to assisting car dealers and automotive brands maximise their exposure online. By using smart online strategies and a combination of tools including pay per click advertising campaigns, lead generating forms, and social engagement, we can ensure that your brand is doing the most to get in front of more of your target audience.

Whilst our name is only new, the team behind DriveSocial started business in early 2009 helping business clients improve their use of technology.

Today, DriveSocial is focused on web media solutions for car dealerships and automotive brands. We have found that many dealers are still not adapting to the new way of getting the attention of potential customers. Dealers are no longer just competing with the car yard down the road. The internet has opened up a myriad of car search solutions for users.

Competing on price alone can mean your dealership loses out on profit margins. By using social media to build customer confidence and engagement, dealerships can compete through customer loyalty, after-sales service and word of mouth referrals.

When compared with traditional media such as television and radio advertising options, search and social marketing is a much more efficient way to get a return on investment. For a similar spend, online marketing results can be seen in real time analytics through social media insights and pay per click reporting. Dealer principals and business owners can see the results in numbers and charts, and not just an estimated listener or viewer count.

To find out more about DriveSocial and our strategy for improving your bottom line, get in touch with our team today for a free consultation.

Why Choose DriveSocial?

Why Choose

  We have been in the automotive industry for over 10 years

  We have dealt with many Dealerships, & all makes and models

  We have an understanding of Dealership Processes

  We know how Manufacturing Guidelines work

  We understand Local Target Areas

  We pride ourselves on our Transparent Pricing & 100% Happiness Guarantee


  • Social Marketing 90%
  • Local Search 70%
  • Online Advertising 40%
  • Email Marketing 50%
  • Content Creation 80%

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