Australian Car Dealers Increasingly Turn To Social Media For New Customers

Australian Car Dealers Increasingly Turn To Social Media For New Customers

Social media is rapidly becoming the single most effective tool for car dealers to use to engage with their audiences, DriveSocial Australia reports

More than eight in ten automotive shoppers today are on Facebook, according to CMO Council, with Gartner researchers recently having found that almost three-quarters of consumers rely on social networks to inform their purchasing decisions. As a result, social media is quickly becoming the most effective marketing engagement tool for car dealers.

Unfortunately, most Australian dealerships lack staff skilled at making the most of social media and digital marketing opportunities. By providing Social Media Support and digital marketing assistance that produces the results clients seek, DriveSocial helps car dealers engage with their audiences and boost sales. With social media engagement only becoming more important to automotive dealerships, the DriveSocial Australia Facebook Page is full of examples of the difference that the right approach can make.

“The Australian car sales industry is extremely competitive, and only dealers who do everything possible to connect with their audiences can hope to rise to the top,” said DriveSocial Australia representative David Walter. “Unfortunately, many of Australia’s dealerships remain weighed down by marketing strategies developed when carburetors and cassette tapes were the state of the art. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for car dealerships, and we take priding in ensuring that every one of our clients will make the most of it. With a couple of openings now available for qualified car dealerships, we’re ready and eager to help.”

More than 1.1 million new passenger vehicles were sold in Australia in 2016, according to ACA Research, an increase of about two percent compared to the year before. With well over half of these being sold to private, individual buyers, Australia’s retail car dealerships stand collectively as a cornerstone of the industry.

Despite the competitiveness that is typical of the business nationwide, however, many car dealers in Australia fail to make use of the latest and most effective marketing tools. With existing marketing efforts often focused on media like radio, newspapers, and television whose reach has declined, car dealers frequently find themselves spending more to produce less in the way of business-enhancing results.

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DriveSocial Australia is dedicated to helping select car dealers leverage the power of social media and digital marketing to more productively engage with their audiences. With few Australian car dealers having the in-house expertise it takes to produce results on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media networks, DriveSocial Australia provides support that can transform a business for the better. More information is available at the DriveSocial Australia website and on the company’s Facebook page.


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