So I decided it was about time I started the DriveSocial podcast, and so here it is.

The introduction and first episode is here, and will be followed up my plenty of helpful ideas and strategies to better your marketing.

 The goal for this podcast is to open your mind to some existing as well as new ideas in the marketing space, specifically in new technologies in digital marketing like voice search, home devices and new online platforms.

Admittedly, I will still to trying to keep marketing clean and friendly, as opposed to the muck and spam we see these days in clickbait ads and email address hostage pages, I mean squeeze pages!

I would love as always to discuss any feedback, and of course, these are my opinion on the topics. You are more than welcome to disagree, but if some capture your thoughts and help with your next campaign or project, great!

Be sure to listen in to our latest episodes on your fave podcast player. I would love for you to subscribe so you don’t miss out, and if you are enjoying it, remember its free, but it would mean the world for you to review it on Apple podcasts! Just sayin…..

Happy marketing. Dave out.