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DriveSocial Services

We offer a range of services for clients, including website builds and updates, search and social advertising, and projects to grow and nurture business leads.

This includes support of partner applications including but not limited to Shopify, Neto and the Podium chat application.

By using our services, we need you to understand a few things and agree to our terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to refuse service to clients we feel are misusing our services or intend to harm our brand.

Whilst our founder Dave is an entrepreneur that constantly slaves away 24/7, DriveSocial is a real business and has set business hours. Please check out Google business page for the latest trading hours.

Our team ask that you keep this in mind when contacting us and waiting on responses or results from us.

Please note that whilst priority will be given to urgent issues, this is not a 24/7 availability and there may be extra charges if required for out of normal business hour support.

Primary contact for support is to be via email to hello@drivesocial.com.au. Please keep phone calls and messages to a minimum, to ensure campaign briefs and requirements are in writing.

Support is available during normal business hours, excluding public holidays and weekends. There may also be specific dates of unavailability whilst the business is closed, and advice will be given to clients a month before where possible.

For upcoming campaigns requiring custom content, DriveSocial will require adequate notice and supply of a detailed brief of requirements.

DriveSocial does not support IT issues including network availability or email support. Where DriveSocial manages extra services including Autogate/CarSales, Podium, Web feeds and  ecommerce platforms, we may be able to assist with technical errors and basic troubleshooting. This may incur additional costs depending on your support plan.

After Hours Service

DriveSocial may be utilised for non-business hour and weekend work, with prior consultation and approval.

Pre-planned events may be attended by DriveSocial staff for photo and video content. DriveSocial requires adequate notice for such events, and a request from Management for DriveSocial to attend.

A quote can be provided for projects that fall outside of the Standard Service plan.


Intellectual Property

When DriveSocial is used for photography and video creation, content is owned by DriveSocial, and becomes the customers when handed over or used on digital platforms.

Branding assets and custom campaign material always belong to the customer.

All content created by DriveSocial for digital media including social media and websites is owned by the customer.

DriveSocial will not use branded assets outside of the work scope detailed in this document or sell to third parties for marketing purposes.

All logon information for marketing platforms will be given strict privacy privileges and written consent will be required from client management before it is handed to external brands.

DriveSocial uses custom marketing cookies and scripts to manage advertising, including Facebook Pixels, Google tags and Analytics codes. The cookies and scripts associated with DriveSocial accounts will remain the property of DriveSocial and not the customer or other marketing agencies. Shared access is available on some accounts.

This agreement is non-exclusive and DriveSocial retains the right to use any content or assets created by us for the purposes of marketing, including, but not limited to, portfolios, social media advertising, and samples.



Whilst DriveSocial will do everything in its power to ensure brand compliance and reduced negative attention on your brand, the nature of digital media can create unforeseen circumstances. DriveSocial recommends customers consult their legal team for advice on all marketing decisions and is not to be held accountable for events beyond our control.

With customer messages and reviews on your brand, we recommend using Podium to allow internal staff to manage comments, enquiries and reviews to avoid such situations arising.

DriveSocial will not be responsible for any financial or reputation loss brought about by digital assets, and all content is to be approved by the customer at their own request.

We advise having internal staff present on platforms used for marketing including social media profiles, business and map listings, website management and third party forms.


DriveSocial will not disclose confidential information outside of the customer’s brands. This includes but is not limited to platform access details, budgets, staff details and payment information.

As DriveSocial is a Marketing Agency, it may take on other Clients in a similar industry. Accepting this agreement does not ensure exclusivity to your industry. DriveSocial retains the right to not disclose the details of other Clients’ personal, business or contract details.

For information on how your information is handled by DriveSocial online and offline, please read our privacy policy which can be found at https://drivesocial.com.au/privacy-policy/



All payments for services will be paid directly by credit card or direct deposit via monthly invoicing.

Options for direct debit are also available for specific services. Please contact our accounts team for details.

Payment must be received by the due date to avoid service disruption.

DriveSocial will not offer accounts over 30 days.


Media Spend for Advertising Campaigns

Charges for spends on advertising are extra to management costs. This includes Facebook and Instagram advertising, trade promotion licensing, Google Adwords, and other advertising platform media spend as required.

Costs and budgets for these spends will be discussed before spending with the management team.

There will be additional charges when DriveSocial is not given adequate notice for campaigns and content required urgently by the customer. This may also include consultation times out of hours and extra to normal business services.

Contracts and Cancellation Fees

DriveSocial reserves the right to terminate contracts, if services or staff are misused or abused, or if a mutual agreement is met.

All ongoing contracts have a 30 day cooling off period, this does not include non-recurring payments or services.

Within the 30 day cooling off period, both parties reserve the right to cancel the services, or renew them for an agreed period. If changes are made, a renewed contract will be issued for acceptance.

Early termination of the contract will require one month’s notice in writing from client management.

Where DriveSocial services are to be continued during the cancellation period, an early termination fee of 10% of the total of each monthly invoice will be payable, as well as the following months’ invoices, charged at a pro-rata rate, pricing dependent on date the cancellation notice is received. DriveSocial will continue to perform the actions as outlined within this document until the end date.

Where DriveSocial services will not be continued during the cancellation period, an early termination fee of 50% of the total of each monthly invoice will be payable, as well as the forfeit of a refund on any current fees or invoices paid to DriveSocial. DriveSocial will then discontinue all services and actions as outlined in this document on the effective cancellation date.

The above-mentioned termination fees are up to the discretion of DriveSocial as to whether they will be charged and payable. DriveSocial will advise of the fees payable after receipt of the cancellation notice.


Paperless Office

DriveSocial adheres to a primarily paperless office policy and our correspondence will be by email wherever possible, and sometimes by direct messaging.

To aid this policy, we accept digital signatures on our contracts. If you have any problems using digital signatures, or unsure on what to do with them, please contact your account manager at DriveSocial.

Contacting DriveSocial

For all support tickets, sales enquiries and account correspondence, please use the below email address.



Mail and Deliveries

All post excluding parcels, please address to our post office box at:


PO BOX 2345,

Greenhills NSW 2323


For large deliveries to DriveSocial, please send to:

Suite 2345, Shop 4, 17 Mitchell Drive,

East Maitland NSW 2323.







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