Instagram stories are a great way to bring to life what is happening right now at your dealership or shop.

If you are not using them currently, or not sure what they are, its worth looking into. They are similar to Facebook live, even though you can add content up to 24 hours old.

They appear in the top of Instagram and recently between posts. They are short videos that you can add overlays like text, links and stickers to help get across something new or noteworthy.

We’ve found it great for new model launches, sales events and dealership news like staff additions and birthday celebrations.

Instagram recently (Dec.2017) added two new features: Story Highlighting and Story Archiving.

Story Highlighting allows you to keep your stories in the limelight for more than 24 hours, which has always been an issue. Before highlights, stories would stay in people’s feeds for around a day before being lost forever. Now with highlights, brands and users can add their favourite stories to their profile.

The new highlighted stories will show just below your profile bio on your Instagram page.

This gives people an opportunity to see content you created that is relevant not just for the moment, but for a longer period.

Instagram story archiving, means stories you create will no longer disappear after the 24 hour mark, but will be archived with your profile.

There is an archive button on your profile that will give you access to  this content. You can revisit stories you created in the past. They will appear in a grid with your latest story at the bottom.

Tap on any story to view it, and from there you can edit, share and add it to your current stories.

The archive feature can be switched off from your profile settings page.

Both these features are worth exploring for your dealership.

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