No. It’s not as simple as that.

Well not if you want to spend more effectively and get better engagement.

If you have decided that you need to get online and start selling your products and service, great! Just don’t blow your whole budget on a website. Here is why.

Having a website and somewhere to list your services and products will not guarantee any one even sees it. Not at all. You might not get any traffic at all apart from you logging in to work on your website.

Even if a big fancy web design agency creates it for you.

The fact is, there is a lot of competition out there and just creating a website is only the start. It is time to talk tactics!

The Who and the What

First things first, work out what you need for your website, who will it be aimed at, and what do you hope to achieve with it. This could be selling products from it, using it as an information hub for your services and clients, linking social content to and from, or maybe just a local directory of your services and contact details.

Once you know what it is, work out if your audience is going to be visiting a website, or just searching on Google search and local directories for contact details.

Now that you have established what the site is for, you can stop reading if you just want a site for the sake of having a website to list in your contact details.

If you can’t work out the who and the what, DON’T GO BUYING A WEBSITE!


The Website Platform

If you plan on creating content like articles and product listings, there are a few platforms I would recommend.

For selling products online, I would suggest Shopify due to it’s easy to use interface, responsive template designs and integrations like social media catalogues and tagging, Google shopping and shipping and payment gateways.

For articles, photos and videos, I would recommend using WordPress. It is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world, and for good reason. It is very flexible and expandable, and great for sites, just like this one!

There are lots of self help articles and videos online for both these platforms, and we regularly use both as part of our $500 website package. The fact that our clients can do a lot of the updates themselves is priceless, and is very cost effective for small business.


The Funnel and Friends

Once you have created a website, which is actually quite easy with WordPress and Shopify, don’t go getting all confident about sales and engagement. It ain’t just gonna happen overnight.

Make sure whoever created the website also gets it indexed with Google and Bing, but more importantly, make sure they have setup all the correct metadata and locale information that search engines want.

This includes alt tags on images, correct titles and descriptions, feature images and OG data for socials.

If you don’t do this, you aren’t giving your website the best chance to get found. Work smarter, not harder.

Next, let’s get people talking about it. If you have setup your OG data correctly, it should be easy to share your newly created website to your socials and in-front of your customers. This could be via Facebook, your email list or even by messenger.

By doing this you are trying to achieve links to your site and get traffic building. Even if they are not yet your buying customer, they are traffic none the less. You will often get useful feedback from some friends and customers, and some not so useful feedback. Use it.


Respect my Authority!

Since your website is new and untrusted, search engines like Google aren’t going to give it much rank. You don’t have any authority at this stage. I’m talking about domain and page authority. Not your authority in the workplace or bedroom.

Like I have said in my podcast multiple times, you need to not only say you are great, but allow others to say that too.

This comes in the form of links, from other websites and directories, social media and ads.

The quickest and easiest way to get started is by listing your website and brand on every relevant directory site like Yelp.com as well as Google Business, Bing Places and Apple Maps.

Try to think about where people are searching – think voice search, smart devices, and socials.

If you have people willing to hand over a testimonial on Google or Facebook, let them go their hardest, this is gold!

You can also look at some SEO link building campaigns through blog and social outreach, press releases, and looking for placements on high ranking sites to link back to you.

Since website age is not on your side, we need to make sure our trust game is strong. Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ strong!


Blind Dates and Branding

Before you can market strongly, you need to brand even stronger.

If marketing is like asking a girl on a date, branding is what makes her say yes.

Let people know who you are. Get our there with discount vouchers, helpful guides and articles, videos showing your product or service in action, testimonials, behind the scenes photos, all the stuff that makes people intrigued to know more about your brand and what the hell you do.

Whilst digital advertising can help you sell products or get traffic to a specific page, it is much more cost effective in the long term to work on your branding and search-optimised content.

Don’t dis trust. It plays a big part in how big your brand can get and your bottom line!

If you are already quite successful in the offline world, reach out to the people who made you this successful and get them onto your digital space, whether that is on socials or on to your website.

On the topic of trust, make sure your website is using an up to date SSL certificate. This is what makes the web address show with https in front of it, as well as the little padlock in some browsers, and green address bars in others.

SSL certificates encrypt the content between the web server and the user’s computer. Search engines like Google also trust sites with SSL certificates as the page is often verified to get it.


It’s All in a Name

Create the content that is being searched for, not content you want to change the world with. Not to start with anyway.

If you are listing products, make sure they are titled correctly, and the metadata descriptions match what people looking for this product would search for.

There are some great tools out there you can use, but searching your competition never fails to give ideas too.

Once you have identified what people are searching for and titled your product relevantly, don’t just leave it at that.

That product page needs to shout that keyword out. Make sure it is listed in your description, your image alt tags, your social metadata and even URL.

We want to be clear to search engines what our page is about. This goes with the homepage too!

When you have finished uploading and updating products, be sure to submit an updated sitemap to search engines or webmaster tools for indexing again. This will update titles and descriptions in search results as well as possibly improving your search ranking.


Don’t Think you are the Best

Make sure you are by continually building up your search rank, profiles, listings and content.

You might be at the top of Google’s first page today, but what about tomorrow?

Your competitors know as much as you. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But the fact remains, your traffic can change at any time due to changes in the search algorithm, updates on your website, changes to your economy, or even a zombie outbreak. Don’t get complacent as your brand will come to a stand still online.

It does not take much to stay active on socials, ask for reviews, get links and update your site content.

Now that you know.  .  .  Do you think you need a website?

Why not look into our $500 Website Package. We do all the hard work for you, you just provide the content. We even include the SSL certificate, domain setup and basic search optimisation. Check it out here.

For now, happy marketing and website building.



Dave out 🙂 

The $500 Website

Choose from a professionally designed WordPress or Shopify website with included SSL certificate, domain and hosting setup, SEO friendly pages and Australian-based support.


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