Search engine optimisation of your website is essential today. Making sure search engines like Google and Bing know what your site is about and proving that it is worth a visit is critical in increasing your web traffic and lead generation.

Whilst ads can be super targeted and work well for building traffic, having a good SEO strategy can mean your website will show up in more places and for more search terms.

If you have read our article on ‘What is SEO’ you will have heard me mention both quality links and quantity of links. For the sake of this article, we are focusing on QUANTITY here. Building a lot of links to show authority, popularity and relevance.


No. Don’t get this confused with grey or blackhat SEO strategies. Search engines rely on backlinks as well as on-site SEO to determine what your site is about and who it is relevant to. A bulk lot of links indicating the same type of topic helps make it clearer. Think of it like a viral bit of content like an article or video that gets organically shared and engaged with.

Google will issue penalties against websites that are using blackhat strategies and your site can be quickly dropped from search results. You do not want this. To stay safe, we recommend a strategy that focuses on quality links reinforced with bulk links. We call this a tiered linking strategy.

Think of this as a pyramid with your website at the very top point. As you come down a layer of stone, we call this a tier. Starting with tier 1, it goes up a tier as you go down the pyramid. So from the top – your website, then tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 and so on.

Building the Pyramid of Links

Looking at our tiers, the top tiers will all contain high quality links and referrals. These need to be 100% safe and effective links as you may get a search  penalty if one of these are spam or negative. These are usually trusted sites like WordPress, Tumblr and BlogSpot. These contain content similar to your topic or related to your products. They primarily all point to your website address.

As we work down the pyramid, the quality of the links can go down a bit, but the quantity of links goes up. Think blog articles and web 2.0 content that links back to the tier 1 content. What this creates is a solid bulk lot of links in your lower tiers boosting the quality links higher up the pyramid. This makes the top tier links perform better and noticed by search engines. In turn, this pushes better link juice towards your highest tier – your website.

The Benefits of a Tiered Link Building Strategy

The difference between creating lots of links pointing to your website, and using a tiered strategy as explained above are as follows:

Firstly, if lower quality links get penalised by a search engine, the lower they are down the pyramid or layers, the lesser the chance it will have an impact on your website ranking. This is why we ensure the top layer/tier links are top quality.

Secondly, by boosting the authority of the quality links, they will actually provide more benefit when they link to your website. Google Domain Authority to learn more about the benefits of increased link authority.

There are lots of different types of links, some are from blog articles and directory sites, others might be from bookmark sites and social media. They all have different strengths in terms of what they provide to your linked site.

In Summary

When creating a tiered link building strategy for your brand, be sure to utilise what you can get for free. If your dealership supports and event or group, be sure to ask them to link to your website from theirs.

Sites that are trusted by search engines, predominantly with the .gov and .edu domains are great if you can get links from them. These can be linked directly to your main website.

If you have multiple manufacturers under a banner company like Saunders Motor Group in Scone, you can use those businesses as your second tier. In the case of Saunders Motor Group, they can treat Saunders Mazda and Saunders Honda as tier 2 sites and make sure they link to the main site. This also helps you create relevant content. Back to the example, something relevant to Honda might no be relevant to Mazda and vice versa.

We use and recommend tiered link building strategies to ensure our client’s sites are not receiving spammy or negative content links. We also utilise social media and press releases to boost middle tiers.

Hopefully this helps you understand the benefits and strategy of tiered link building for your SEO, as always, use the support form on the dashboard to get more details or pricing for a managed strategy from DriveSocial.

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