We all agree that video is being consumed at an ever growing rate, attention spans are shortening, and we need to pack more into every piece of content we post. Great, glad we got that out of the way.

As more users watch video content on their phones, it only makes sense to ensure video displays perfectly and optimised for these devices.

Whilst once mocked, vertical videos are getting traction online as they take up the traditional smartphone screen in the portrait position. The traditional video landscape ration is 16:9, sometimes called widescreen. Vertical videos have an aspect ratio of 9:16 – taller rather than wide.

Majority of content viewed on our phones are in the vertical position. A global study found that people hold their phones vertically 94% of the time, which begs the question, why make videos to suit a landscape format.

Widescreen or traditional 16:9 videos viewed in the vertical position are shrunken down to fit a smaller width, whilst also wasting over half the screen real estate.

Brands like SnapChat are pushing towards vertical videos more, and so too are live streaming video and chats – think Facebook live, Instagram stories, Facetime and Messenger.

More Real Estate to Fill

Vertical videos also show up very well in social news feeds and with mobile video auto playing on sites like Facebook, there is a higher chance of your video taking over the user’s screen. With the right captivating content, you could get some great attention for your brand.

Here are some ideas for videos your dealership could try

  • Video testimonials from guests
  • 360 degree in car videos
  • Car Reviews
  • New Model Introductions
  • Showroom virtual tours
  • Staff Interviews and Introductions

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