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I have been a long time instigator of content creation over advertising. Inbound marketing methods of being there when customers search is much more cost effective when compared with just advertising alone. The best part is that the content is usually there for the long term, unlike ads which stop when your budget does.

The content you create depends on where your customers are looking and what you are selling. Search and socials are the main priority here, but remember to have your options open. This could include:

 Directory and trade listings
 Blog Content and Guides
 YouTube and Social Media Videos
 Press Releases in Local or Industry Papers
 Guest Blog Articles on related Websites
 Facebook and Instagram Posts and Stories
 Email Newsletters or Messenger Lists
 A Podcast like
 Stickers and Signage in Relevant Places
 Digital Billboards or Roadside Signs
 Merchandise and Shop or Vehicle Signage
and soooooo much more!!

In this article, I wanted to talk to you more about video content, and how it is so accessible and viable for your brand.

Unless you have been sitting under a rock, you’d know that video content on social media and the web has increased dramatically in the last few years.

Today, video giant YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google!

When we break down the content that is being watched on YouTube and similar channels, we can see that people are flocking to trending topics, but also consistently looking at how to guides and reviews on products or services.

So for your brand, the key is in this. You can create content that not only showcases your product or service, but you can also show how to use it effectively, tricks and tips, and even reviews from your customers.

The best part is you don’t have to spend a lot of money. It doesn’t have to be a television commercial, or a product sales video. Think social media style, a casual channel of communication that allows your viewers and potential customers to interact and ask questions. 

Unlike TV and radio, this content is interactive in the sense that your viewers can comment, like or share it with their circle of friends. This is how we see so many videos going viral.

Creating video is easier than you might think. I have explained the different resources you can use and what to create in episode 7 of the DriveSocial podcast. You can listen to it below to get some ideas, or hopefully it tickles your creative bone and inspires you to create something spectacular!

Remember though, be consistent and don’t give up after your first video. It takes time to build viewers for your channel, same as your social media content.

When you do hit it off and start getting some regular viewers and traffic, at least you have a back catalogue of content they can go through when they are looking for more.

Have a listen to the episode below, and go forth and create! Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful for your brand and campaigns.



Please note: I did not mention the use of drone video or photography in this episode or post. This was due to the issues you can run into using drones. I will have content out soon on using drones for your content creation, along with a run down of the rules and regulations that go with using a drone, and what to look out for to avoid getting your brand in trouble.

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