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Convert your website & social media messages into sales, from a centrally managed platform.

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Change the Game

The Automotive industry has changed over the past decade: Customers are more informed, there are more options for them, attention spans are shorter and it is easier than ever to find products, places and services.

Long story short, your brand needs to change with the times. Speak the same language as your customer or guest.

Working for an award winning Toyota dealership, we noticed over the last 5 years, our digital strategy had changed. Our social media audience became important, so too our website visitors. More than ever, we were paying more attention to nurturing our online leads and attracting more of our PMA audience in the online space. Sales enquiries were coming via our website forms, our social media channels and even more via direct messages.

Customers and guests of our brands are looking for answers to what they can’t find themselves. That might be your stock availability, a special price or offer, or to ask a question about a product or service.

Most importantly, they want you to answer a.s.a.p. Now. They expect 24/7 service. The internet is always on, why aren’t you!?

We are sure you can relate.


We want to introduce you to a new way to manage these enquiries.

What if you could manage your social media messages, your Google and Facebook reviews, and your website chat all in one application? Would that save time? All growing brands are about efficiency, right?


What if you could also allow web chat customers to initiate their enquiry on your website, but then receive conversation via text messages? That would mean they are free to go about their day. No longer are they impatiently waiting in front of their computer for your replies.

Attention spans are getting shorter. Talk to customers in real time, on their phone. Something 99% of us carry around with us everywhere we go.

Better still, the person they are messaging is a member of your team, not a call center. These are people they can come and see in your dealership or store.

Mum and Dad could be picking up the kids at school and still conversing with your staff.

Real people. Real conversation. Real leads.


This application has been running in the states for years and is quite new on the Australian scene. With the ability to connect you to your potential buyers instantly, as well as being able to manage it via your computer or smartphone, the opportunities for better enquiry outcomes has increased.

Have you noticed how many of your web enquiries come in after hours? What if one of your team could respond to them then and there, while they are in the zone, ready to buy?

If they have made the enquiry, they are keen for answers. Its now up to your team to close the deal.

You are most likely aware that reviews on Google and Facebook are a big deal, right? User generated content like reviews says a lot about a business and can sway the public’s opinion about your brand.

But did you know, it can also affect the way you show in search results?

If you’ve got a local SEO campaign running for your brand (well I hope you do), you will notice the ratings of your brand and your competitors. The more reviews the better, the more positive, even better!

With this app, you will be able to invite customers and guests to leave reviews, even if just about their enquiry today. The in-built leaderboard will also show how you are fairing against your competitors in terms of reviews.

So not only can you handle your reviews and messages in the app, you can ask for more!

Trusted by over 55,000 businesses already, this application changes the way you manage your online leads, and it is constantly improving. We are linking it to one of Australia’s largest car markets – CarSales.

If you are interested in getting on board or just finding out more about how it all works, fill in the form and one of the team will be in touch with more details.

Turn online prospects into offline buyers by not only standing out where they are searching, but also by providing a convenient way to get in touch—no matter where they are looking for you.

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How it Works

For a detailed demonstration, please fill in the form and our team will contact you to further explain features and costs.



Your customers, both current and potential, can enquire via social media or your website pages.



With all messages coming into the app, your team is able to manage the enquiry and respond promptly.


Rate the Experience

Your team can close the sale and ask the customer about their experience and give links to leave a review.

Improve the way your brand manages digital leads.

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Trusted by over 55,000 businesses already!

Get a competitive edge. Enquire today.

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“So he googled us, liked our reviews, messaged us, came in, bought, and left us a review—the cycle is complete!”

– Andrew

Form data from this site will be sent to our partner for the product demonstration, and access to custom pricing for your business. The Podium chat application is now available in Australia and can help increase your lead responses and response rate, dependent on how your staff utilise it’s features. After the demonstration and further details, the choice will be yours to move forward with this application. Got questions about how the app can help your brand? Fill in the form and talk to our product team today.

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