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How to Build a Business Website

The 3 Step Method by DriveSocial.

When it comes to creating a website for your brand or business, we recommend fast website hosting in the cloud, and registering your domain with a brand that can support you as an Australian business. We offer ‘’ business domains from just $12.95 year, and recommend Linode based Cloud hosting running WordPress for your website. Here is the steps to building your site.

Register a domain name

First things first. Consider your business name and location, as well as your SEO keywords and register a web address at DriveSocial Domains  for as little as $12.95/year.

Point it to the cloud

Once you have a domain name, register for fast and efficient cloud hosting. You can then install WordPress and point your domain name here. Register at

DIY or let us build it

Now you have a web address and website hosting, it is time to build your website. You can choose to do it yourself or let the DriveSocial team create your website for you.

Free Strategy Session

All this tech-talk can be a bit overwhelming, we understand that - So if you're unsure what your Business needs, book in a free one-on-one chat with our team to discuss your needs.

Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Advantages of using Cloud Hosting include the ability to handle extra traffic and demand on your site with simple upscaling and availability. Cloud hosting and WordPress works great. This site is using WordPress and Linode cloud hosting to provide local Sydney storage, global content distribution, as well as backups, DDoS protection and caching. Discover the difference of cloud hosting today.

Why Choose DriveSocial

Our team at DriveSocial has been supporting local businesses since 2009 (previously as Xmedia Digital Solutions) and can help with your domain name setup, hosting and WordPress installation and website development. We have created numerous websites, some for clients, some for agencies and their clients. Our team is here to help get your brand represented online.

  • WordPress Development Skills 100% 100%
  • Coffee Consumption 50% 50%
  • New Sites vs Updates 40% 40%
  • Awesome to Work With 100% 100%
  • Graphic Design Work 70% 70%
  • Traffic for your Website 100% 100%

But wait, there is more!

Our team are specialists at Search Engine Optimisations and helping get your brand found in search results on google and Bing search. Not only do all our sites perform well, they are optimised for search indexing, and we implement what we teach on our blog. Ask about how you can improve your website performance on search results.

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